Сертификат Лідер Року буд галузі


A good company is neither machinery no equipment. A good company is people above all things. First of all, we incorporate the specialists with a long-term experience in the company. The most experienced employees among us see Kiev at a height of 100 meters for the last 30 years during their working hours.  The specialists working with us took part in the construction of such famous construction projects of Kiev as:

  • Reconstruction of the Maidan Nezalezhnosti;
  • Construction of the Pivdennyi Railway Station;
  • Reconstruction of Ukraine Mall;
  • Construction of the Kyiv Municipal Heart Center;
  • Reconstruction of Olimpiiskyi, NSC

Construction of Osokorki, Pozniaky, Bessarabskyi kvartal micro districts, micro districts of Troieshchyna and many others.

The specialists of the company had to settle a technical task of outstanding complexity during construction of the Podilskyi Bridge Crossing that is a location of column cranes on the bridge with an amplitude of oscillation and ensured simultaneous operation of two cranes as well.

Башенный кран строительство моста

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